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Written by Don Heywood
Friday, 24 June 2011 16:34
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South African-based artist Don Heywood helped to promote wildlife conservation and to raise the public profile of the CRC on its 25th anniversary during a recent visit to the Washington DC area.

A distinguished portraitist and wildlife artist, Heywood created at minimal cost for the CRC Foundation, the stunning, “ Smithsonian Endangered Species Series,” a collection of 12 original signed, number and embossed prints, in three editions, of some of the endangered species studied by CRC.

During his American visit, Heywood was a featured artist at the Oct.7 ACF dinner, the 200 assembled guests gave him a standing ovation in recognition of his generous contribution to advancing wildlife conservation through CRC programs.

On October 16, Heywood, together with CRC Foundation President Eldon H.Crowell and CRC Associate Director, Chris Wemmer, presented copy of 1/50 of the presentation Edition of the Collection to Smithsonian Secretary, Lawrence M.Small. In acknowledging the gift to the small group of specially invited guests, Secretary Small thanked Heywood for his initiative and commented on the importance of such projects in raising public awareness of endangered species. He made particular note of the contributions of the Project’s corporate sponsors including that of De Beers of South Africa, the major underwriter of the project inSouth Africa.

Next on the schedule was a October 18 reception at the South African Embassy hosted by Ambassador Sheila Sisulu who was presented with1/100 of the Subscriber edition. During the event, attended by more than 100 distinguished guests, Ambassador Sisulu praised the artist. The quality of the art, and the people and organizations supporting t, she commented, represent some of the best qualities of South Africa

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